Eradicating Poverty in Atorkor

ADF are working on several active projects. The projects are a result of overseas and local government money. All overseas donations are given in full with no administration costs deducted

The first Project is Health and Hygiene. A conference was held at Atorkor Vocational Training Institute to raise awareness of sex education and well-being this was very well received. The medical staffs have embarked on a training programme within the local schools. This is proving to be very effective and beneficial to many young adults

On the 23rd April a workshop took place at Basic school for the older girls. There were approx. 100 girls in attendance. This session looked at personal hygiene during menstruation. Most girls use a hankie or toilet roll placed inside of the knickers. Most cannot afford sanitary towels as these are classed as a luxury. The biggest concern is how these girls keep themselves fresh and clean whilst in the school environment. There is also poor access to water facilities. A large donation of sanitary towels from Royal Masonic School for Girls and ADF were distributed to all the girls present. We also gave the gift packs including sanitary towels to the medical staff, basic school teaching staff and dinner ladies. The gifts were well received and ADF were thanked for their generosity

The second Project is completing the Hostel accommodation for AVTI students, this has come to a halt due to lack of funds. Ghana is suffering from high inflation so when we received a large grant from the Ghanaian Education Authority we were convinced it was substantial enough to build the ground floor with foundations to accommodate further floors above. We have had to speak to students and explain why their new hostel accommodation won’t be ready for the new term in Jan 2016, they are bitterly disappointed

The third Project is building a small lab to test for TB, HIV and Diabetes to name just a few. We have been very privileged in being chosen by Chelmsford Baptist Church as their Christmas Giving Charity. The work for the build has started with the moulding of the bricks. This project will be built by students of AVTI under close supervision of our own ADF builder Sammie. Project completed Feb 2017

The fourth Project is the new maternity unit (six beds) funded by the Ghanaian Health Authority. This is near completion. We are very excited as this will give antenatal and postnatal care; reduce the need to travel to Keta for these services. ADF have already trained a midwife who will join the team once it has been opened.

The fifth Project is building a kindergarten for Basic School funds have been raised by The Royal Masonic School for Girls and Copthorne Fairway School has donated classroom furniture consisting of tables, chairs and bookcases. Completion is due July 2016

The sixth and final Project for the foreseeable future is bringing water to all the above. This is the most important as without water you have issues with health, hygiene and sanitation. We need to stop the spread of dysentery and general illnesses throughout the village

We need donations to help complete all these projects please find it in your hearts to donate to this very worthy cause.

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