Get Involved

Looking to get involved with the work that the ADF are doing in Atorkor? There are a number of ways you can help….One of the most important ways is through Child Sponsership. Our children are our greatest asset and our future. By sponsoring a child you help to put give them a good education and better chances in life.

You can choose to simply Donate funds to support our projects. We have a number of projects ongoing, the most critical at the moment being procuring equipment necessary to provide antenatal care for pregnant women at Atorkor Community Medical Centre and raising funds to build additional classrooms for the village school.

You can of course Join Us. By taking out a subscription membership of the ADF you declare your commitment to helping the people of Atorkor.

Perhaps you’d like to know how to promote the work of ADF – find out how to help share our message here.

If you have the time to spare we’d really appreciate you volunteering – let us know what you’re good at and we can work together to help Atorkor.

Atorkor is keen to have sister villages/towns/cities to share experiences with – we can do this by Twinning with your town or village.