Cultural Programs

Eradicating Poverty in Atorkor

Cultural Programs

The following optional Atorkor cultural programs are available to volunteers.

For those volunteers who would to fully discover the rich EWE culture, the following lessons are offered. (Prices may change at short notice):

  • Learn a local Ewe language (sessions are 1 hour per day, 3 days per week for 85 USD (US Dollars)per month)
  • Learn how to batik and/or tie-dye, using traditional symbols and signs as designs (1 full day course is 110 USD (US Dollars), including all kits and materials)
  • Learn local EWE traditional dancing (a 2-hour intensive lesson for a day is 16 USD (US Dollars))
  • Learn local EWE traditional drumming (2 3-hour intensive sessions for 16 USD (US Dollars))

There are courses for beginners through to intermediary and advanced.

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