Atorkor Vocational Training Institute

Eradicating Poverty in Atorkor

Atorkor Vocational Training Institute

The ATORKOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (AVTI), is a National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) educational facility operating in partnership with the ATORKOR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) AVTI was established in November 2011.

Our mission is to provide excellent, creative, inspiring academic and vocational programs while creating a conducive environment for students to develop their fullest potential. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the community in particular and the country as a whole 

Our aim is to provide excellent vocational training to the youth of the community. Our motto is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

History of AVTI

The Atorkor Vocational Training Institute (AVTI) used to be called the Atorkor Vocational Training Centre. It is the fourth major project carried out by the Atorkor Development Foundation after the following projects, the IT Centre and Library, 3- unit Classroom block both in the Basic School and the Medical Clinic. The AVTI is by far the biggest and most expensive of the projects so far. Since its inception, the ADF has been guided by a constant vision which is to transform Atorkor from a very poor, under-developed and inadequately served community into a self-sustaining one with a full range of basic amenities: modern schools, a well-equipped medical centre, affordable communication facilities and a vocational centre to provide a variety of skills training.

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