Eradicating Poverty in Atorkor

Chestnut Hill Academy (CHA), USA

Chestnut Hill Academy (CHA), is a private elementary school based in Bellevue, Washington, USA serving K-8 grades (ages 5 to 14). The school provides an environment where children become educated global citizens, problem solvers, and life-long learners. The program offers an innovative variety of educational experiences to support children in their acquisition of knowledge. The school is focused on helping children become well rounded individuals with many skills, abilities, and interests.

In January 2009, the 2nd Grade (7/8 year olds) will be expanding their Social Studies program, to incorporate an innovative ‘twinning’ program with Atorkor Local Authority Basic School in Ghana. The main objectives of the program for both parties are:

  • to furnish the children with an appreciation of how the children live in the other country
  • to see how their school day is similar or different
  • to learn a little about the local language,
  • to understand the cultural differences in both environments by communicating directly

The program will aim to work on one project each month. Communications between the schools will be managed by the staff and parents. Technology will be used for the communication where possible, and appropriate to the particular project. We expect that the children will exchange letters, art projects and other class projects that promote information sharing and learning experiences.

CHA is pleased to have this opportunity to expand on the innovative experiences that make it such a unique learning experience for all of the children.

Stanley Park Evangelical Church, Carshalton, UK

The Stanley Park Evangelical Church in Carshalton made a substantial financial contribution towards the school project. They are currently supporting the ADF financially with the Health Centre Project.

Find out more about Stanley Park Church by clicking here.

Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, Essex

Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford has been one of our main partners and got involved with the ADF in 2003 to help with the construction of an administrative block as part of the ADF’s School project.The block was also to house an IT Centre and a library.

The total cost of the project was GBP 60000.00. Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford provided GBP 30000.00 with the other half being provided by the Atorkor Development Foundation.As part of their contribution, the Church also provided 20 computers, 2000 books, furniture for the IT Suite and library and a generator to help power the computers.

This culminated in a visit of 16 young people and adults from the church who spent three weeks in Atorkor in August 2005 to help complete the school project. They also organised and run a holiday club and IT teaching sessions for the children and teachers of the village.

More importantly, by the end of the visit, a lasting friendship had been formed with the people of Atorkor. The church is currently involved with the ADF in a project to build and equip a Health Centre in Atorkor. It is anticipated that about 20 people from the church will visit Atorkor in the summer of 2007 to help with the project.The total cost of the project will be about GBP 30000.00 and the Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, has committed to raising half the cost. The Atorkor Development Foundation will also raise the other half.

More about Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford here…

Aktiva Camps, UK supports kids in Atorkor

We are pleased to announce a new partnership: AKTIVA CAMPS teams up with Atorkor Development Foundation(ADF) to support kids in Atorkor village in Ghana.

The partnership shall cover the following:
AKTIVA CAMPS and ADF to implement a ‘pen pal’ scheme which will enable the children in London to make friends with Atorkor school kids, exchange emails, share of artwork, photos, etc

AKTIVA CAMPS intends to sponsor needy kids to facilitate their schooling and have some basic education, as well as organise educational materials for the Atorkor village school.

AKTIVA CAMPS shall support ADF with fundraising activities to support the ongoing projects in the village.

To view more about AKTIVA CAMPS click here

Royal Masonic School for Girls, Rickmansworth, UK

More about Royal Masonic School for Girls

First Presbyterian Church, Santa Clare, USA

The First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara has been involved with the activities of ADF since 2002.They have donated educational items ie books, writing materials and first aid kits. They also made substantial financial contributions towards the school project.

You can find out more about the Church here.

Kare Kids Club, Accra, Ghana

The Club based in Ghana, organised a fashion pageant to help raise funds in support of the ADF’s school project.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Accra, Ghana

The Church in November 2006 donated 25 brand new sewing machines and a large quantity of exercise books to Atorkor LA Basic Schools following an appeal by Mama Amexleti Dunenyo II (Mrs. Lois Okudzeto), a director of ADF.

Above: The headmistress (2nd from left) of the school thanking an Official from the church.

Above: Left is official of CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Official of The headmistress (middle) of the school and right Mama Amexleti Dunenyo II (Mrs. Lois Okudzeto)

Above: kids using the sewing machines donated by . CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS.

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