Nursery Kindergarten project

Eradicating Poverty in Atorkor

Sponsored by The Royal Masonic Girls School, Rickmansworth, London, UK

Togbi Adjorlolo is pleased to announce that the Kindergarten project pledged at the Speech and Presentation day in August 2014 has now started


8th March

Mr. Seth Kodowu-Gadagbui Head Teacher and Theresa Akorfa Agbenyega, ADF Administrator met with Mr. Samuel Larbi Building contractor to discuss the schedule for the project as the classrooms were being used by the students and couldn’t be broken for a longer period of time. Hence there was the need to wait and be sure funds had arrived in Ghana before the breaking.

In order to reduce the labour costs, it was agreed that, the community will clear the site with support from artisans at a small fee.

On that very day, the 8th of March, it was announced to the community that the building will be broken down and a communal labour force was organised for 15th of March, 2016

We also agreed that the AVTI management be approached to release concrete mixer and poker vibrator to be used to speed up the project.

We sent further letters to the churches to appeal to them to support the breaking down process.

9th March

Students have been moved today to join their colleagues in the other school blocks to pave way for the breaking down of the old classroom block.

The ADF administrator approached the Manager of AVTI concerning the machines and he has agreed to release them, as they are part of ADF assets. A contract pertaining the hire of this machine will be signed as soon as possible time.

10th – 11th of March

Sebastian and his team removed the roofing sheet and used some to replace the broken ones on the old JHS block. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) paid for the removal of the roofing sheets and the repairs at the old block.

13th and 14th of March

Fred and his team, removed the blocks from the walls to make its collection and packing easier. They were given a small fee to appreciate their efforts for the first day as we asked them to do it to speed up the work. They demolished the greater part and came back the next day to do their communal labour.

15th March

Clearing of site was done by the community as agreed. The headmaster supervised the work greatly till the very end. The assemblyman and the unit committee supported the school and the ADF greatly to accomplish this task.

The mango tree and the other trees at the site needed trimming hence people with machines were contacted which was done on the 16th of March, 2016. The pieces of logs and remaining blocks were packed by the students with supervision from the Head on the same day.

We contacted Mr. Amuzu to supply sand and gravel but he was unable to bring it to the site as the field was used for the sporting activities.

NB: From the 18th to 23rd March, 2016, students were camped at the school premises to prepare them for inter schools / area sports and games.

22nd March

The profile was to be laid on the 21st of March but there was a windy rainfall which prevented that.

23rd and 24th March

Excavation began

14th September 2016

The project is now to the first floor, when the RMSG visited in August they went on site to help with the laying of the bricks. They felt that it was good to see where all the funds they had raised had been spent and how far the project had got. It also gave them an incentive to go away and raise more funds to complete the project.


In order to provide water to the site, on Thursday, the 24th of March, 2016, a borehole was drilled to save time and money especially when school is not in session to provide water for the work to carry on.

We aim to update as the update throughout the project so that you can see the progression. The completion date for the ground floor is August 2016 when the RMSG spend their bi-annual visit in Atorkor

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