Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance

On Monday 19th September 2016 a Dallas based travel nurse, Mr Anthony Kokutse in collaboration with CTOMA (Central Texas Orphan Mission Alliance) donated some medical items to the clinic. These items included Stethoscopes, BP apparatus, Plasters, Bandages, Poridone -Iodine solution, Abdominal pads, Gloves, Antibiotic ointment, reading glasses and insertion kits which will be donated to the Keta Government Hospital. The items also included Sanitary pads which were given to the female trainees of AVTI and women present at the time of the visit

Among the items were first aid kits mainly wound treatment items which included few paracetamol and Ibuprofen pain killers.

Mr Kokutse with the support of the nurses and members of the health committee, conducted a free community health screening checking blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc

During that week the nurses treated and re screened individuals who were referred to them for treatment from the screening programme on Monday

The visit and donations would have been impossible without the support of Mrs Tina Aidam Nyonator, a native of Atorkor based in Accra who linked Akorfa Agbenyega to Mr Kokutse. Mrs Nyonator travelled with Mr Kokutse and his team to witness the donation and the screening activities.

The Municipal Director of Health , Dr Andrew Ayim visited the clinic that day, he was amazed and thanked the donors and the ADF team for support health programs in Atorkor

ADF are grateful to Akorfa, Seth, Godwin, the assemblyman, and the nurses, etc for their support in making the day successful.
God bless you all
Thank you