The School

Composition of school:

The school is made up of three parts.

  • Kindergarten Class 1 for pupils aged 3 to 4 years – 90 pupils
  • Kindergarten Class 2 for pupils aged 4 to 5 years – 50 pupils
  • Primary School (6 classes) for pupils aged 6 to 12 years – 303 pupils
  • Junior Secondary School (3 classes) for pupils aged 12 to 15 years – 116 pupils

The Primary School Block



There are 17 members of staff. The school is currently headed by Mrs. Beaula Mensah-Tettey who took up the post on 1st September 2005.


The school has a modern library, with 2000 books, built in August 2005 as part of the ICT project. ADF and the school worked hard to provide appropriate library furniture for this community facility. In 2013 the library had a complete refurbishment, making it a more accessible to reference materials and story books for the school and community.

Information and Comunication Technology (ICT) Centre:

The ICT Centre was built in August 2005. According to the headmistress “If there is any great thing that has ever happened in the school in recent times, it is the building and commissioning of the ICT . She continues” This has turned Atorkor to an enviable academic environment. An average period of 12 is done by each class in a week with each period lasting for about 35 minutes. In 2012-2013 we were very fortunate to have government funding to build a 2nd ICT block. This was designed for the junior school allowing us to split the ICT lessons, giving more access to ICT within the school. See photos of the Primary ICT Suite and Junior ICT Suite

Annual Speech and Prize-Giving: The ADF organised the first ever speech and prize giving day for the school in November 2003. The aim is to recognise and award the children who have excelled in their academic work.
PrizeGivingThere are several categories of award:

  • Class Awards: The first three best children from each class from the nursery , Primary and Junior schools receive this award.
  • ADF Award: This award is given to the overall best pupil from the Primary Class six. The award includes a three year sponsorship at the Junior secondary School, books personal effects and a certificate
  • EDEN Award: This is awarded to the overall best female student at the of the Junior Secondary School cycle. This involves a three-year sponsorship at the Senior Secondary school. This award is ADF’s contribution in promoting girl-child education in Atorkor. It was started in 2005 and sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Summers
  • Dufia (Chief’s) Award: This is the highest award in the school and it is sponsored by the Chief of Atorkor, Togbi Akumey Geli Adjorlolo III. It is awarded to the overall best student at the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which is taken at the end of the junior secondary school cycle. This examination marks the end of the first cycle education in Ghana. Students proceed to senior secondary school, marking the beginning of second cycle education. The second and third best students also receive the Dufia awards.

See the photos of the 2014 School Prize Giving day

Rebuilding Atorkor Basic Schools

The ADF has launched a program to rebuild Atorkor Basic Schools. According to a report commissioned by the ADF into the existing infrastructure of the school, some of the buildings are unsafe and will have to be demolished. The ADF has received the designs and drawings of the new school complex from the architect, Lt. Col (rtd) C. K. Togobo. See photo below.


The project, which will be undertaken in phases, when completed would enable the School to run a double stream (A and B) in both the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools. It comprises:

  • Two-storey six classroom for the Lower Primary School (Classes 1 to 3)
  • Two-storey six classroom for the Upper Primary School (Classes 4 to 6)
  • Two-storey six classroom block for the two stream Junior Secondary School
  • Administration block comprising IT room, Library, Staff Common Room and Headmaster’s Office
  • Workshop for the Vocational training Department
  • A Canteen.