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The Atorkor Community Health Care Program (ACHCP) is a community based healthcare program initiated by the Atorkor Development Foundation, ADF to provide cost effective and affordable healthcare services to the doorstep of the people of Atorkor and surrounding area, an impoverished community in the Keta district of Ghana. The bedrock of the ACHCP is Primary Health Care and the construction of a health centre at Atorkor. The program involves health care professionals – doctors, nurses as well as volunteers who have been trained to educate the community about prevention of diseases, screening the population for diseases and appropriate referral for secondary care. The program covers among others Malaria, Heart disease, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Child health-immunisation and malnutrition, Maternal Health and Dental health. The ADF has successfully implemented the first phase which involved effective malaria preventive & health education campaign and is now ready to undertake the second phase, the construction of a health centre with the target of completing building of the health centre in 2007.

Why this initiative?


Atorkor and the 6 surrounding villages with a population of about 20,000 people have no health care facilities therefore people have to travel several kilometres by scare public transport to seek healthcare at high cost else where. The nearest hospital is 27 kilometres away. However this 110-bed facility with annual outpatient attendance of 26,000 has only two resident doctors (1 doctor: 13,000) and a nursing strength of 40 (1 nurse: 650 patients). These factors tend to put people off from seeking medical treatment early (no early intervention) resulting in unnecessary pain, suffering and death.

Cost of the project

The estimated cost of the building structure is £30,000 (Thirty Thousand Pound Sterling).

Organisations Involved in this Program

Atorkor Development Foundation, ADF

ADF is the initiator of the project and seeking assistance from other organisations and private individuals to implement the second phase of the program which is the construction of the health centre. The ADF has already acquired and paid for the land and design for the project.

The Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, UK

The church is providing £15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Pound Sterling) to support the building of the health centre. It will also send a team of 16-20 volunteers from UK to work on the project in the village in Ghana. In 2005 the church assisted the ADF in building an Administration block housing an IT Centre with 20 computers, a Library and offices for the Atorkor Primary and Junior Secondary Schools at a cost of £60,000 (Sixty Thousand Pound Sterling). The church contributed £30,000 (Thirty Thousand Pound Sterling) as well sending a team of 16 volunteers to work on the project. The ADF raised the rest of the funds.

Ministry of Health, Ghana

The Ministry of Health will provide the medical and non medical staff to man the centre. It will be responsible for their salaries, provide some basic equipment and also be responsible for the maintenance of the centre.

Management of the project

The health centre will be managed by a team of very qualified and dedicated people headed by the District Director of Medical Services. There will be a strict maintenance regime with regular inspections and written reports sent to all stakeholders.

Assistance required

The Central Baptist Church is contributing £15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Pound Sterling). The ADF needs to raise £15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Pound Sterling). The ADF is therefore appealing for help (financial or building materials or equipment) from organisations and private individuals to support this important project.

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