Chestnut Hill Academy (CHA) in USA twinning with Atorkor School


Chestnut Hill Academy (CHA), is a private elementary school based in Bellevue, Washington, USA serving K-8 grades (ages 5 to 14). The school provides an environment where children become educated global citizens, problem solvers, and life-long learners. The program offers an innovative variety of educational experiences to support children in their acquisition of knowledge. The school is focused on helping children become well rounded individuals with many skills, abilities, and interests.

In January 2009, the 2nd Grade (7/8 year olds) will be expanding their Social Studies program, to incorporate an innovative ‘twinning’ program with Atorkor Local Authority Basic School in Ghana. The main objectives of the program for both parties are:

  • to furnish the children with an appreciation of how the children live in the other country
  • to see how their school day is similar or different
  • to learn a little about the local language,
  • to understand the cultural differences in both environments by communicating directly

The program will aim to work on one project each month. Communications between the schools will be managed by the staff and parents. Technology will be used for the communication where possible, and appropriate to the particular project. We expect that the children will exchange letters, art projects and other class projects that promote information sharing and learning experiences.

CHA is pleased to have this opportunity to expand on the innovative experiences that make it such a unique learning experience for all of the children.