Atorkor cleans ups environment with support from Australia

First Published on GhanaWeb

Atorkor, Sept 18, GNA – Over 300 residents of Atokor, a fishing community in the Keta District abandoned all other engagements and businesses to undertake a clean-up exercise in the town to mark “world cleanup Day”

The heavily littered beach, town and the main road and alleys were swept clean and refuse buried.

They sorted plastic waste to be sold to a company in Accra for recycling and proceeds given to the Atorkor Basic School. A global network of organizations including United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP set aside the day with the theme this year being “helping to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.” Infants Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPP) in Accra and the Atorkor Development Foundation organized the event with the Australian High commission providing the tools and incentives for the exercise. Mama Ameleti Dunemyo, Queen of Atorkor, who is also the Executive Director of IMPF, said her organization would continue to assist communities to remain clean and healthy.

Togbe Akumey Geli Adzorlolo III, Dufia of Atorkor, said the exercise would be sustained as a bi-monthly activity and climaxed every September on the world day and urged his people to keep their interest in communal work.