ADF Vocational Training Institute – 2nd Phase

The ADF has successfully completed the second phase of the Atorkor vocational Training Institute project. It was commissioned by the Hon. C.K. Humado, the then Minister of Youth and Sports. The 7,800 square foot building houses a general office, workshops with instructors’ offices in Welding, masonry/construction, electrical installation, catering and dressmaking, a staff room, classrooms, wash rooms with shower and locker facilities, a utility room and a storeroom. This is bigger than the phase 1 building. The new block can withstand a complete second storey. The enhancements include:

  • A separate canteen has been constructed in accordance with the health department’s requirements.
  • A Batik printing shed provides an open roomy, safe, protected area when using gas and hot wax for batik production.
  • Powerful street lighting and exterior building lighting is provided for campus security.
  • A secured bicycle rack is provided for all students and elegant well-designed signage is provided at the main road.
  • Similar designed school gates bearing the school crest and name are featured at both the pedestrian and the main entrance.
  • The drive to the car park is landscaped with shrubs.
  • Water tower and borehole in secure pump house provide water supply to the school.

The funding for the construction of the second phase building came from the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) now called GYEEDA. It is also funding the operating and part of the set-up cost. The courses to be run in phase 2 are welding, masonry, electrical, catering and another dress making class.