About Us


no1akumeyAtorkor Development Foundation (ADF) is a community-based charitable organisation. It was formed and registered in Ghana in October 2001. The ADF’s registered number in Ghana is G8950. In the United Kingdom, it is registered both as a Charitable and a non-profit Organisation. The overseas headquarters is based in London. It has representatives in Germany, Mr. Walter Deffor and the United States of America, Professor John Atsu Swanzy.


ADF’s vision is to transform Atorkor from a very poor and under-developed village into a self-sustaining village with basic amenities – a Modern and well-equipped Medical Centre and Schools, provide clean drinking water for all, a vocational centre to provide skill training, create jobs, electricity and affordable communication facilities for all.


no204ukvolunteersTo address the roots of the hardships and the extreme poverty affecting the communities of Atorkor and surrounding villages by educating the people and providing basic infrastructure so that citizens of Atorkor can become controllers of their own fate and have a better quality of life.


i) To promote, co-ordinate and implement development programs in the village by working with other development and welfare orientated organisations of Atorkor, The Atorkor Fellowship Association and The Atorkor Youth Club and organisations in other parts of Ghana.
ii) To mobilise financial, material and human resources both in Ghana and overseas in order to develop and improve:

  • Education and Welfare
  • Health Awareness, Sanitation, Nutrition & Primary Health Care
  • Employment and Training
  • Social Amenities
  • Agriculture and Food Safety
  • Tourism
  • Combat environmental degradation

iii) To foster friendship between the people of Atorkor and the rest of the world.


Togbi Akume Geli Adjorlolo III (Dr Samuel Adjorlolo) London
Mama Amexleti Dunenyo II (Mrs Lois Okudzeto) Ghana
ADF UK The ADF UK was inaugurated at a meeting of citizens and friends of Atorkor organized by Togbui Akumey Geli adjorlolo III on 1st of December 2001. The ADF was registred as Charitable organization with the UK Charity Commission in August 2007. It is managed by a Trustee body of six members who meet regularly and are responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the Foundation. The Foundation has no employees therefore day to day management of the organisation is performed by the chairman, Samuel adjorlolo who reports to the Trustees in meetings. The ADF does not pay for expenses of trustees; therefore all the moneys raise go to fund the projects.

  • Dr Samuel Adjorlolo
  • Dr James Anang (Pictured right)
  • Mr Alan Summers
  • Mr Mark Adjorlolo
  • Mr Walter Deffor (Pictured far right)
  • Mr John Rogers

ADF UK Members

  • Mrs Honorie Maud Anang
  • Mrs Sonia Depena Adjorlolo
ADF members living in USA:

  • Professor John Atsu Swanzy (New Jersey)
  • Ms. Susan LaSpina (New York)
  • Samantha Rayner (Seattle)